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Creating a 3-Dimensional Version of Your Logo

This Marketing Firm wanted their logo represented on their lobby wall ...

We fabricated their symbol using 1/2" thick, white acrylic.  We produced matching acrylic standoffs to suspend the object off their wall surface.  The natural drop shadow created was an added touch to their ingenious design.

Click on the image to the left and visit their amazing site to see why we count it a privilege to work with their Atlanta group ...

Branding Your Reception Area Builds Confidence

When this sales training and resources organization moved into their expanded location we had their wall piece completed and installed before the receptionist desk arrived!

This black acrylic panel secured to the wall with metal standoffs conveyed the quality of service and results orientation they are known for...

Integrated Sales Solutions is an informative organization and you will find many valuable services provided by their professional trainers and consultants who become a sustaining resource to their clients...

Exterior Non-Illuminated Signs Can POP too...

This restaurant needed a new sign when they opened another location where illuminated signs were not allowed.

This round hanging sign was routed and hand painted.  We then digitally printed their logo section onto white 'reflective' vinyl and this non-lit sign pops after dark as headlights hit the surface.

When you absolutely, positivily want amazing pizza ... pizza like no other pizza... you will agree with them, "Life should be less ordinary!"

A Monument Design Should Reflect Your Core Value

This medical group wanted to catch attention and communicate their unique approach to pulmonary and sleep medicine.  This monument kept a clean subtle approach while attracting attention along their fast paced highway location.

This monument is all metal construction with LED illumination.  We routed the logo and lettering through the metal surface and installed LED lighting inside the cabinet with white acrylic fill for an impressive image both day and night.

The Walton Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Team will make you feel safe and you instantly know they are truly caring and competent in their specialized field.


Let's get started: 770-875-9715

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