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what a sign should do...
Create and Maintain a Positive Impression


All signs should support and build your company image with continuity.  Your sign must attract attention, while making it easy to locate you and must communicate what you have to offer. 


Your sign should also be disigned to set the tone and style of your business.  All signs should absolutely and directly support your other marketing materials.


Your Sign Should Have Unique Qualities, People Will Remember.


The 'MNG' examples to the left show two very different sign structure types, yet both structures sustain the dimensional effect desired for the DNA molecular symbol.


The ground monument has a low profile, dimensional surface, for good reason, while the wall sign has a much greater dynamic, far above ground level.

Your Sign Attracts Attention when Your Logo Becomes a 3-Dimensional Object!


This approach is not always possible, but as you can see, an innovative approach to sign design can distinquish your business in surprising ways.


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